Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rotary Auction Dinner

Oh to have parents that sell your services! My parents "auctioned" me off in a rotary auction. I was "bought" by a doctor in the Mount. Vernon area. The dinner was for six people.
I started with a grape and brie b'stilla to get their appetites stimulated. I followed with a roasted beet salad, quenelle of goat cheese and broccoli sprouts. Next course was seared scallop with crispy prosciutto fresh fennel relish and orange gastrique. I thought we needed a palate cleanser in there so I made a chilled rhubarb soup. The next course was a pappardelle pasta ( which I made from scratch of course), fresh asparagus spears, parmesan curls and a nice light lemon butter sauce. The main course was slow braised organic beef cheek with a cold snap pea salad. Wow! The contrast of the deep color of the beef cheek with the vibrant snap pea salad made for a striking combo!
The dinner went famously and much wine was drank by all!

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