Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cooking Class- Three appetizers

Apple and Fennel Slaw with Dijon Vinaigrette Candied Bacon Crostini
Fresh Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce

Curry Chicken B'stilla with dusted powder Sugar

This pass Friday I headed on out to Bellevue to teach 7 lovely ladies three appetizers.
It was a two hour class so we had to work quickly. I started with the Chicken B'stilla. I taught them how to work with phyllo dough successfully. Showed them how to roll up a B'stilla in a "flag like" fashion, bake and present on a beautiful platter with a little powder sugar. Delicious! Second we rolled into what I like to call the BLC. Candied bacon crumbled onto a yummy combination of fennel and apple slaw with a Dijon vinaigrette placed onto of a crostini. This is my take on a BLT- the combination has a light and delicate flavor with a nice acidic back- the candied bacon ties it all in! Pretty straightforward and easily combined.
The last appetizer was Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls. I enjoyed this the most because all of the party participants took turns rolling up the rolls. It was very satisfying to watch them learn something new and enjoy themselves .
Every time I do ones of these cooking classes I get such a sense of satisfaction to be able to teach people new ways to cook. To share what I know with others and to watch them learn. I truly love it!

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Crafty Jenn said...

Everything looks so delicious!! The spring rolls look especially yummy. Great work! I decided to give you this as a kuddos. <3